Stylist & Artist


Sustainability within design matters greatly to me, and that's why I create all my products thoughtfully from secondhand and repurposed textiles. I enjoy diving into messy piles of fabric scraps and seeing what I can give new life to.

But I enjoy creating beyond just creating products; I find styling, creative direction and photography just as interesting. Creating art through many mediums allows me to challenge myself to think differently and encourages my own growth.



Interested in learning more about my creative work or placing a custom order? Shoot me an email.

I currently sell my work locally in Richmond, Virginia at markets. Clara B, a tween retail boutique in Richmond, and Savin' Face, a lash and brow salon in Ashland, also stock my products. Feel free to send an email to inquire about wholesale pricing for your shop or potential market opportunities for artists in the Virginia area. 

Richmond, Virginia

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